As with any business we respect the confidentiality between our customers and ourselves.
Therefore our web site does not include a customer listing, if for no other reason because it is an extensive list. Without exception all our customers have kindly offered to provide a reference to potential clients of our company. Upon request and with our customers’ agreement we can provide exact details along with contact information of similar or relevant applications of our LynxPro systems.

Those customers that have purchased and installed our fire alarm paging solutions range from large City Councils, major UK Universities, HE institutions, schools and a wide and varied range of work places. From large super stores to small single office accommodation.

Experience has shown that whilst the main objective of our system is to provide for H&S in regards to alerting to the activation of the fire alarm, no two sites are the same. Just ‘simply’ installing a radio paging system and connecting the transmitter to the fire alarm does not necessarily mean the system will provide full site area coverage of the emergency signal.
For this reason each LynxPro installation is configured and undergoes a full site signal receipt test to match the individual site in which the system has been installed.

Other LynxPro paging solutions have been installed in such diverse locations from golf courses to crèche parent call applications. Our waiter and kitchen call paging systems have proven invaluable to those customers whose own customers expect and demand the best service.
If you would like exact details of our customers and their own application of our LynxPro systems please do not hesitate to contact us.