Coaster Pagers

The LynxPro Patron Page or Customer pager is is the easy solution to contacting your patrons. The unique and innovative coaster design means that guests can easily be notified when their attention is required. For full details download the Patron pager details.

The LynxPro Patron Pager system is plain and simple.
Featuring a very familiar telephone style keypad, users simply key in the coaster number and press send – it’s that simple!
The backlit display provides message confirmation and ensures the user keys in the correct information every time – even in poorly lit environments.

Using the powerful LynxPro MAXPage transmitter, it simply needs to be plugged into a power outlet and it’s ready for operation. This compact, self contained unit can be plugged in almost anywhere. There’s no need for special programming software or hardware either – the simple configuration can be done on-board by anyone.