Fire Alarm Paging

One of the most popular uses of on site paging is to communicate with people who are hard of hearing. Paging can send alphanumeric messages to individual pagers, whose vibration tells the user to read the message.

In the case of a fire alarm the messages are automatic the Fire-Lynx paging system is connected to the existing Fire Alarm system and sends alerts to all pagers until the alarm is over.

The LynxPro systems all offer sophisticated interfaces allowing messages to be sent by email or by an automatic telephone interface. All these options give support to the hard of hearing user.

Special Application

One special application is the awakening of hard of hearing people while asleep. While during the day a person may be able to manage with the use of a deaf aid, at night when the aid is removed they may not be aware of an alarm.


By using the LynxPro Nite Alarm waking can be guaranteed. This particular application has been very popular in the Hotel industry as there is now a legal requirement to support DDA initiatives.

For more information how we can help support deaf or hard of hearing people phone us onĀ 01283 584870 or use our enquiry form