LynxPro can provide a number of solutions for the hospitality market.


1.The Kitchen Call system.

This is a budget system that does not require specialised installation.

Each waiter or waitress has a pager that can be ‘called’ from the kitchen. When the pager bleeps or vibrates the server knows to return to the kitchen.

This system with the addition of repeaters can operate over a wide area

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2.The Waiter Call System.

A small transmitter is placed on a table and when it is used the waiter receives a message on the pager showing which table is calling.

For more details go to    Waiter Call System

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3. Use your customers Mobile/Text Phone

We supply a complete system comprising PC Based software and Mobile Phone transmitter. The simple to use software allows you to enter a customers text phone number against a table. When the table is ready a text message is sent to the customer telling them to come to the restaurant.

Paging guests through SMS will completely replace those  restaurant pagers and give customers the option to choose where they want to wait for their table. SMS paging gives customers unlimited range to be paged by the host. This feature will allow customers to take advantage of nearby attractions such as shopping  instead of waiting in a packed restaurant. Once you have the customers’ SMS number yo can  easily keep in touch with customers by sending them promotions and updates. If you want to reward frequent diners, you can adjust  settings to send promotions based on how many times a customer has visited your restaurant within a customized time frame.


Nearly everyone has a text phone so no extra pager costs
The software keeps a track of waiting time and will alert you if this is getting too long
No phone or network connection is required
Customer numbers can be retained to allow special offers etc to be sent to their phone
Software easily used via a touchscreen
Call costs can be as low as 3p per message

We have an extensive list of customers in the Academic, Hospitality and Commercial areas of business.

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