Max Page

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The LynxPro MAXPage is an advanced, on site alphanumeric, desktop paging system that offers many unique features as standard. With a capacity for 1000 pagers, 2 – 4 watt transmitter using UHF frequencies durable injection molded enclosure, backlit 32 character LCD & a backlit telephone style key pad.

For full details download the MAXPage Desktop transmitter details.pdficon (1K)

LynxPro MAXPage is a complete, ready to use paging terminal that is simple to install and operate it allows you to send paging messages or alert patrons free of charge.

With LynxPro MAXPage you never pay monthly fees. You own the pagers and the paging system and can send as many messages as you want without paying. With a built in UHF transmitter, giving you up to 1 mile range, a capacity for 1000 pagers and 20pager groups, LynxPro MAXPage is an ideal solution for all your requirements.

Sending alphanumeric text messages couldn’t be easier and means your staff don’t have to place a call to find out what the code was for, saving time and money. Save even more time by using the dual-mode function keys to store up to 8 commonly used messages.

Everyone in the building can have easy access to the LynxPro MAXPage system through its telephone interface. Once the system is plugged into a telephone port, anyone can pick up any telephone extension, dial the LynxPro MAXPage unit and use the buttons on their phone to send messages to pagers.

Network Aware The LynxPro MAXPage unit can also be connected to a computer network allowing messages to be sent from any compatable computer on the network.