Network Paging

LynxPro systems can be connected either directly, or via a network, to a computer.

Any of the LynxPro systems, the Fire-lynx, EZPage or the MAXPage can be connected to a computer network and by using tcp/ip any networked PC can be used to send messages.

This allows the system to be used for general messaging. Any modern PC running a web browser  can be used and the connection can either be direct i.e. by a wired connection from the PC to the paging system or via a network.

When used on a network the LynxPro paging transmitter is equipped with a network interface this means it can be used by any authorised PC on the network.

We can also supply a portable paging unit that when attached to a PC or laptop can be set up very quickly.
This is ideal for use in conferences or for outdoor events where security or administration messages are required.

LynxPro can also supply a heavyweight solution which is a dedicated network server.

The LynxPro network server solution means that paging messages, SMS messages, email messages and messages to wireless telephone handsets can all be sent from a web page. Which can either be on an internal network or available on the web.

In today’s highly competitive world, finding staff members when they’re away from their desks is crucial, especially in larger facilities.

LynxPro lets you send detailed text messages instantly from any  networked  computer to a sales person or any other staff member in your building using a LynxPro alphanumeric pager.

One person or entire groups can be called. Any message can be sent, there is the option for pre-programmed messages or for free typing.  No one ever has to miss an important message again.

Simple to install and use

Each employee is issued a pager. The LynxPro transmitter is connected to the network and appears as a web site on the  intranet.

To send a message all you need to do is access the dedicated web page

There is no limit to the number of users or  the number of pagers, the system can be extended by the use of LynPro networked repeaters and even if off-site messages are needed the LynxPro system can also relay messages over SMS.