SMS Text Messages

Our SMS solutions allow you to automate SMS texting. Our system will send out automatic SMS text reminders for appointments at Doctors or Dentists or can be used in a restaurant or hotel to call customers.

Do you operate a business where you need to contact your customers regularly then a LynxPro SMS automatic system can help. If you operate a business such as photo developing or an opticians wihin a large shopping centre give your customers the freedom to walk around. The Lynxpro system will send an SMS text to them when you are ready for them to return.


You can also use the system to send out messages about promotions or if you are using it as a restaurant waiting system the message can also include ‘today’s specials’ for example.

We have an extensive list of customers in the Academic, Hospitality and Commercial areas of business.

If you think a paging or SMS system of any kind will help your business then please contact us for an informal discussion.

Phone us onĀ 01283 584870 or use our enquiry form