We specialise in systems that alert deaf or hearing-impaired people to the activation of a fire alarm.

These systems help you comply with the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. An Act of Parliament effective from 1st Oct. ‘06. Our team of experienced engineers can offer a unique personal insight into the needs of deaf and hearing-impaired people and design individual solutions that meet your requirements.

On Site Messaging
On Site Messaging

Technology developed by LynxPro has enabled individual organisations to have their own in house paging system. The technology fully integrates into an existing network and can be used to sent messages to anyone carrying a pager within a radius of the company site or mobile phone.
Many sites can be linked via a computer network allowing paging messages to be sent from one office to another. The system is also programmable and can be used as a reminder or general announcement facility.

Messages are displayed on a pager.
Messages can either be sent to individual pagers or groups of pagers or all pagers at the same time.
The pagers can be set to bleep or vibrate for minimum inconvenience, and can scroll the text of the message across the screeen The technology LynxPro have developed make a truly plug and play solution.

The messages can be triggered from external alarms and sensors, or generated from a computer.
We have an extensive list of customers in the Academic, Hospitality and Commercial areas of business.

If you think a paging system of any kind will help your business then please contact us for an informal discussion.