The LynxPro system can be used for general messaging. This means that anyone carrying a pager can receive a message just in the same way as a text message on a mobile phone.

On Site Messaging

The advantage over text messages on a phone is that as it uses the on-site paging system it is free and instant. Any number of sites can be connected using a standard computer network so a multi-site organisation can send messages across a wide area.

The messages themselves can originate in a number of ways. The simplest way is simply pushing a button.

Messages can be either stored or generated from a keyboard or a more sophisticated way is from a PC. Using a PC messages can be created and sent and the users can be divided into groups or departments. Using this feature messages can be sent to individuals or to groups very easily. Any authorised PC on the network can be used. LynxPro can supply pre-configured PCs if required.